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I got started in photography at a young age, because it was one of my father’s hobbies. Those were the days of film, and I learned to use Leica’s and Rollei’s and Nikons. Ansel Adams and Edward Weston were my heroes, I used Technical Pan 2415 film for the finest grain I could get with 35mm film. Of course, I shot monochrome landscapes and nature. I could get fine grain alright, but since 2415 was meant to be copy film, to use it effectively for continuous-tone photography needed precise exposure and handling throughout. This demanding medium, while tedious at the time, also brought rewards: it imposed a discipline to actually think about a photo and visualize it, rather than randomly taking shots. You can’t “spray-and-pray” for good shots if each one took substantial time and effort.

After I moved to California, I set up a darkroom in what was meant to be my laundry room. After all, laundromats are common, but rental darkrooms are not. Besides, if I was going to spend eight hours until 4 AM printing, I’d rather do that in the comfort of my own condo.

Then I moved and took a long hiatus since my new place didn’t have an room suitable for a darkroom. But time passes, and presto! Digital photography had taken over and darkrooms had become quaint anachronisms. And I had changed too: landscapes and scenics were still interesting, but I also became intrigued with the infinite intricacies of the human face. In my film days, I rarely took portraits; now I’m captivated by them.

There’s infinite variety in human forms and especially faces. And it takes synergistic teamwork to make it all happen in the best possible way: it’s not about just the portrait subjects, it’s not just the photographer, it’s not just the makeup artist or the hair stylist. We’ve all got to do our respective parts. And that’s why I make every effort to assemble a cohesive team. Because we all have the same goal: to make the best possible images of you!