Alena is a sexy rebellious brat who knows what she wants. She probably gave her parents and teachers fits but that’s why she ran away from home. So she’s not a fashion whore but a wild child who dresses the way she likes … which happens to be a little grungy but incredibly sexy at the same time. She’s a heartbreaker to any guy who gets to know her but she’s untameable.

The Bad Girl doesn’t really care about love and romance and soupy stuff like that – she’s her own woman and doesn’t need a guy in her life. Or at least that’s what she thinks. Somehow, her disdain and her independence makes her all the more attractive to the guys that get to know her. She may or may not know how her allure twists men’s hearts but she doesn’t care. Maybe someday, the right guy will happen to cross her path but she’s not looking and doesn’t intend to either.

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